Vai Vedrai (thewhitediablo) wrote,
Vai Vedrai

Friends Only

Sorry, but this journal is friends only - not that anything interesting happens around here anyway. But as I want to not be known, I'd prefer to know who is reading this. If you know me somehow, here's an accurate depiction what goes on: a lot of people you know have web diaries {what can I say, it's the new "it"}, where they'll probably be giving out names and addresses, but that ain't here. I don't go yapping about Real Life people, how much I hate them and how I wish they would fall off the face of this Earth. No, wait a minute, I do... but does Bush have to count?

Anyways, this is mostly a fandom journal. I write, and ship a whole lot of them. If you do to, I'll add you back.
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